The Laidback Wholesaler

Alan McComas, “The Laidback Wholesaler” is an expert at finding “off market” properties and has been buying houses since 2008. Alan acquires distressed single family houses and sells them at wholesale prices to rehabbers in the Columbus and Central Ohio area.The houses range from needing minor cosmetic upgrades to full blown rehabs.

Alan’s niche is finding these “off market” properties that are not known to the general public unlike the houses listed on the MLS, bank owned houses, auction properties or Hud owned properties. Once a property is listed on the MLS or marketed on a “bank owned” or Hud list then they’re out on the streets for all investors to make a bid.

Once that happens the prices go up leaving very little room for an investor or rehabber to make money. If a rehabber doesn’t want to spend the money and the energy required each month to find these types of deals they can go directly to Alan to get a good wholesale deal where everyone can make money.

Alan is definitely The Laidback Wholesaler because of his “easy to work with” personality and just plain laidback “common sense” people skills. His honesty and integrity speaks for itself. There’s nothing high pressure or stressful about working with Alan. His goal is to create a win-win situation no matter the circumstances.

Most of Alan’s deals come from motivated sellers that contact him through his direct marketing system. The sellers usually just want out from under their house. There are many different reasons why. The house may need extensive repairs, has unwanted tenants or it’s vacant and the seller just doesn’t want to deal with all that.

Many times the sellers are tired of being a landlord, they may live out of town or don’t have the time, expertise or the resources to solve their problem. More cash for their properties is not always the answer that they need. They just need someone to solve their problem and Alan works with the sellers to find out what that problem is and then works to solve it. Alan pays cash for the houses, takes them in as-is condition, pays the closing cost and coordinates the closing with the title company.

The bottom line is that Alan makes it as easy as possible for the sellers. If the seller lives out of town, most of the time the seller never even has to come to Columbus for the closing. It can all be handled with remote closers.

Alan says “Just listen to the sellers and figure out what they need to solve their problem. It’s pretty simple.” Even if Alan can’t solve their problem with a cash offer he will always offers suggestions to help them out whether it benefits him or not.