Client Testimonials

“Having known Alan socially for more than 20 years I felt very comfortable getting involved as a private lender in one of his real estate projects.
It came as no surprise that Alan has built a dedicated team of professionals that can find great single family house deals and then fix and flip them month after month. Alan knows that “Win-Win-Win” is the only way to ensure long-term success and maximize customer satisfaction. That’s just what I experienced – a comfortable and hassle-free process.”

Fund Raising Consultant and Private Lender
Columbus, Oh

“I can’t say enough about Alan’s professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge and experience. He brings all these qualities to the table, not just during the initial real estate transaction, but in the follow-up details all of the way through to the exit strategy. That was a good indication of the level of commitment Alan has to his private lenders. Throughout the entire process, Alan is extremely responsive and thoughtful in his recommendations. He is always available at a moments notice and continues to follow through on every aspect of our many transactions.”

Jack Lynch
Serial Entrepreneur and Private lender
St. Pete Beach, FL

“It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Alan in regards to our real estate deals. I have never before encountered such a level of consistency, professionalism, and responsibility toward myself as a private lender.

The experience at each phase of the deals, such as innovative efforts in negotiating the wholesale deals, useful insights on rehabbing and his exit plans for each house deal. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with an extremely high degree of competence, humility, and integrity. Alan is always available for any questions or concerns that I may have. It’s just a pleasure and easy to do business with Alan.”

Frances McCabe
Retired School Teacher and Private Lender
Rochester, NY

“Alan is professional, personable and has an awesome entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve known him for over 5 years and consider him extremely trustworthy, credible and dedicated to doing the right thing and having a positive effect on everyone around him.”
Daniel S. Jones
Polar Transport
Marysville, Oh

“Alan is a very highly organized, efficient and easy to work with individual. He responds around the clock to get things done quickly. We’ve done a lot of deals together and his attention to detail does not go unnoticed. Alan is very accommodating to all parties when it comes to the closing so that no one is inconvenienced. It’s just easy to work with Alan no matter what side of the closing table that you’re on”.

Daniela M. Adams
PM-Title Company
Grove City, Oh

“I have known Alan for over 20 years now. Actually, since I was just a lowly law student at Ohio State. We became associates when I ended up playing a charity golf tournament he hosted. From that point on I have watched Alan grow exponentially both professionally and in his giving back to the community. Alan has never met a stranger and I consider myself blessed to call him a dear friend.”

Jason P. Smith
Attorney at Law
Ironton, Oh

“Alan is both a good listener and a good communicator. These traits combined with an experienced eye towards details make Alan both a strong leader of his engineering team on complex industrial projects and successful with private real estate projects.

As a customer for over 15 years with multiple major projects behind us, I highly value Alan’s counsel and ethics and freely endorse him accordingly.”

Pete Cotter- Pete Cotter & Associates (Owner’s Representative) Beaufort, SC

“In my career, I’ve only met a handful of people whose honesty, integrity and reliability are above
reproach. Alan is one of them. I can always count on Alan to deliver sound and thoughtful advice
that has my best interest in mind. We worked on our first project together more than 30 years ago and he’s been a trusted friend ever since. I would recommend his mentorship and services to anyone.”

John Harman
Evansville, In
Vigo Coal Co.